Subban wins Breakaway Challenge with Jagr salute

Dave Sandford / National Hockey League / Getty

Two of the NHL's best showmen didn't disappoint in the Breakaway Challenge at the All-Star Skills Competition in Nashville on Saturday night.

But in the end, there could only be one winner. And it was P.K. Subban's Jagr salute edging Brent Burns' inner Chewbacca.

Subban's Jaromir Jagr impression was all show, but his first opportunity in the competition was pure skill. The Montreal Canadiens defenseman juggled the puck from his stick, to the side of his boot, and back to his stick, before knocking it on goal.

A first-time All-Star. Perhaps Subban is what the event has been missing.

Jags meet Jags. #NHLBreakawaySubban #NHLAllStar