Stamkos insists Twitter 'Like' about Maple Leafs was an accident

Reinhold Matay / Reuters

Steven Stamkos swears it was an accident.

A day after the Tampa Bay Lightning superstar set Twitter - and Toronto - on fire with a "Like" of a tweet seen 'round the world, he faced the media post-practice and acknowledged that his gaffe "doesn't look great," according to the Tampa Bay Times' Joe Smith.

Stamkos maintained his innocence, though.

"I'm telling you guys, it was an accident."

As the hockey world well knows by now, Stamkos is a free agent at the end of the season, and speculation has been running rampant that the Maple Leafs will be major players should the 25-year-old hit the free-agent market.

Stamkos, as you can see above, isn't exactly doing much to quell the rumors. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact he's from Markham, Ont., a short drive north of Toronto. If he becomes a Maple Leaf, he'll be coming home.