Former Fab Five teammates need to hug it out

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The question was seemingly so simple: "Did you like the Fab Five documentary?" On the receiving end of this query, Chris Webber paused for what seemed like an eternity.

"Um ... I love the guys, I think there's so much missed in there."

During an interview on the Dan Patrick Show Wednesday, Webber touched on various topics, from the injuries late in his career to the book he is currently writing. However, the interview took its most interesting turn when Patrick asked Webber about his thoughts on the ESPN "30 for 30" documentary about the iconic Fab Five team of the early '90s.

Instead of sharing fond memories of his days as a member of what turned out to be somewhat of a counter-cultural phenomenon in the world of sports, Webber expressed disappointment about how the documentary was produced. (Note: he was noticeably absent from the final cut of the film)

I made an agreement when I joined the Fab Five not to be above the group. I have stayed consistently as a member, no one's above the other. It's just disheartening when you pay attention to those rules for 20-plus years, and somebody wants to be Hollywood and make it about them.

So, why didn't C-Webb participate in the making of the film? According to Webber, he would have been willing to contribute but did not receive an invitation to chip in until one week before the film was set to wrap.

Jimmy King, Webber's former teammate and one fifth of the Fab Five, staunchly denies this assertion:

That's a flat-out lie. There is no way we would have done this production - I'm going to tell you exactly how it went down. When it was proposed, it was sent out over email to all of us. ... I can tell flat-out, unequivocally, that that is not the truth."

This isn't the first time Webber and his college running mates have not seen eye to eye. In Sept. 2014, Jalen Rose publicly called for Webber to apologize for his NCAA rules violation which resulted in a 10-year disassociation with the former No. 1 pick in the 1993 NBA Draft.

For nostalgic basketball fans, the breakdown of Webber's relationship with the other Fab Five members is nothing short of unfortunate. Their place in sports history is unique and unparalleled, and it would be a shame for their legacy to be associated with such recent squabbles. Vincent Goodwill's take on the situation may just be what the doctor ordered:

Former Fab Five teammates need to hug it out
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