VIDEO: Yannick Bolasie has bottle thrown at him by fan, deals with it like a boss

Gianluca Nesci

Yannick Bolasie is the coolest damn dude in the Premier League, and it's not particularly close.

The Crystal Palace winger, a walking, breathing highlight reel that consumes the souls of defenders foolish enough to stand in his way, added another skill to his repertoire during Saturday's 2-1 loss to Manchester United: fending off projectiles with kung fu awesomeness.

After Jason Puncheon beat David De Gea with a pretty free-kick in the 57th minute of the contest, Bolasie wheeled away into the corner to celebrate with his teammates.

Before getting there, someone from the crowd, likely an inebriated patron, decided to hurl a water bottle in his direction. Had the fan targeted a mere mortal, this would have ended differently (read: badly).

Instead, the bottle veered towards Bolasie, and the Congolese winger, as he so often does, turned it into a wicked highlight by smashing it with a quick, leaping flick of his heel.

Here's a closer look.

Like. A. Boss. Lonely Island's next single will be called, simply, Bolasie.