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Capitals coach Trotz on Burakovsky: 'I don’t imagine him not being here'

After scoring a preseason goal on a spectacular individual rush against the Philadelphia Flyers on Thursday, Capitals prospect Andre Burakovsky appears to have made enough of an impression on Washington head coach Barry Trotz to warrant a roster spot on opening night.

“Yeah, he’s earned the right,” Trotz said of Burakovsky. “He’s gotten better every game. I don’t imagine him not being here.”

What made the goal even more impressive is the fact Burakovsky continues to line up a center, thereby garnering even more attention from the opposition. 

But some plays just can't be defended:


Trotz is preaching patience with the 19-year-old, believing they'll get the most out of Burakovsky by affording him the time to adjust to the the center position at the NHL level.

“The thing with a young player is you don’t want to over-coach him, tell him every mistake," said Trotz. "You want to show him stuff and then he’s got to learn from that ... Just got to be patient. If we do that, I think we’ll be rewarded.”

The approach definitely seems to be working.

“It feels more comfortable every single game and every single practice out there," said Burakovsky. "In the beginning I was a little worried that I was doing wrong all the time. Now I can focus on doing the right stuff on the ice all the time. I don’t have to be afraid to do some mistakes.”

It may be coming sooner than expected, but the Capitals appear set to reap the benefits of their 23rd overall pick from the 2013 Draft.

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