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Florida coach Will Muschamp loses his mind at referee

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

Florida coach Will Muschamp isn't always known as a cool-tempered man.

Sure, he likes to show his playful side by calling into radio stations as fake fans, but let's be honest: the guy likes to freak out from time to time.

Saturday night in Gainesville, Fla., was no different, as the Gators hosted the visiting Kentucky Wildcats in a close game. 

In one fan's video, Muschamp can be seen screaming at the ref, "C'mon! That's bullshit!"

We estimate Muschamp's momentary loss of composure scored a "level 5" on the Muschamp Intensity Meter

Just for good measure, he's a few grand examples of past Muschamp freak-outs:

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