Questionable photo surfaces following Johnny Manziel's Vegas trip

Caitlyn Holroyd
Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

Johnny Manziel may have some explaining to do after his Fourth of July trip to Las Vegas.

Busted Coverage posted a reader-submitted photo that appears to show the Cleveland Browns quarterback rolling a twenty dollar bill inside a bathroom. We won't speculate as to what Manziel was planning to do with the bill, and there is no evidence he was doing anything illegal, but as Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk explains, rolled bills tend to carry a negative connotation:

Rolled dollar bills are often used for snorting cocaine and cocaine is often snorted in the bathroom of a nightclub. (At least that's what they did in the '80s. I've heard.)

[Courtesy: Busted Coverage]

As several others have pointed out, the issue isn't necessarily about Manziel's partying, but rather, the public nature of it.

The Browns have no comment on the photo, a team spokesperson told the Akron Beacon Journal.