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The 12 most entertaining moments from the 2014 NHL Entry Draft

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The Philly crowd was bonkers

In true Philly fashion, the fans in attendance shouted “sucks” after every team’s name was called during roll prior to the draft. And when the Penguins turn rolled around...

Yeah that makes sense. Good hustle, Flyers fans.

Bettman officially thrives on getting booed

Those same fans were relentless when Bettman gave the introductory speech, and man, the dude ate it up. He thrived on it. He grew ten sizes. “Isn’t this supposed to be the City of Brotherly Love? I love your passion,” he smirked. (Video)

He was Vince McMahon-level villainous. Somehow, in that moment, he won. He’s getting pretty good at taking boos. 

Brian Burke’s hair is getting beyond explanation

Truly. I mean, it's just incredible:

The #1 overall pick was announced with style

Dale Tallon started to announce the #1 overall pick, said “...From the Ontario Hockey League…” then sat on it for a solid 6-7 seconds like he was awarding an Oscar. It was cruel, but pretty hilarious too.

While we're discussing hair, the only thing better than the announcement of the pick was Ekblad’s loaf. He’s got a pretty good wave goin’ on up there. Here it is at its finest:


One more thing: I still can’t believe that red Panthers jersey they put him in is the one they still use. It seems like one we’d look back on by now like “Do you remember that monstrosity, the one that was just a mishmash of non-meshing colors?” But nope. They just keep on keeping on with it.

The Islanders select Michael Dal Colle

Things I know about Dal Colle:

  • Big, great player. 
  • Winger, could one day play with Tavares. 
  • Supposed to be a great kid. 
  • High hockey IQ.
  • ...Went on Hockey Night in Canada and listed his favorite song as “Drops of Jupiter” by Train. IF that was a gag, I love him endlessly. If not, well, I’m not really sure what to think.

Sam Bennett thinks Sean Monahan is boring, too

If you haven’t seen it, there’s a twitter parody about how dull the Flames’ Sean Monahan is (@boringmonahan). The user behind it simply tweets boring things he might reasonably say.

Here's Bennett on meeting Monahan:


Guy must be a thrill-a-second.

William Nylander’s giving Ekblad a run in the hair department

I have no idea how this became an all-hair post, but whatever, I'm embracing it.

Does that helmet come with a chinstrap? (Answer: no. He won't be able to grow facial hair for a decade because he's apparently 12 years old.)

James Neal was traded to Nashville for Patric Hornqvist and Nick Spaling(!)

It’s going to be fun to see the Predators have a guy who can, y’know, shoot the puck past goalies. He’s immediately among the best scorers the franchise has ever had, probably behind only Paul Kariya, considering Peter Forsberg played a mere 17 games there at the end of his career.

As for Pittsburgh, well, this was a pretty odd move. Hornqvist is fine enough, and might look better playing with some of Pittsburgh’s talent. They might have upgraded their bottom six a bit. Still...they moved a 40-goal-scorer for loose change. It was kind of like the Canucks turning a dollar into a few quarters earlier today in the Kesler deal.

Maybe there were other reasons they wanted Neal out - personality issues, maybe the bad penalties and random acts of on-ice violence...who knows. But it’s tough to find an angle on “Team trades first line winger with fair contract for lesser pieces” that isn’t “This made them worse.”

“Sonny Milano from Massapequa (Long Island)”

I mean, that’s the most perfect character ever written for a mob movie, isn’t it? It might be too cliché to even use.

He’s another one of those YouTube hockey dudes too. Check this out, from @myregularface:

I like what Columbus has done lately, and this pick is no different.

The Flyers fans booed...Rick Tocchet

Pittsburgh’s new assistant coach was revered in Philadelphia, so the Penguins thought they could beat the system by sending him up to make the pick to quell the boos before they started. Nope. Within a few seconds Tocchet looked back at Rutherford and said “Toldja it wouldn’t work, Jimmy.”

Great effort though.

Jared McCann seems pumped to be a Vancouver Canuck

I understand it’s a lot of pressure, and a big moment, and it’s easy to say something not quite perfect in an interview seconds after being drafted at 18 years old. But McCann’s “I never thought of being a Vancouver Canuck, but, it is what it is” seemed particularly harsh in the moment.

He’s almost certainly referring to dropping down the draft board, but it was still kinda funny.

And finally...

The best quote of the draft

From the Islanders' GM Garth Snow, on the talented Josh Ho-Sang, who dropped in the draft on "character issues":

It was pretty classic. (Video here)

The 12 most entertaining moments from the 2014 NHL Entry Draft
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