PHOTO: Sabres prospect Linus Ullmark's Bowser-themed goalie mask is the coolest

Thomas Drance
AFP / Getty

Swedish goaltender Linus Ullmark recently signed an entry-level contract with the Buffalo Sabres, but will probably remain in the SHL for at least one more season considering Buffalo's log-jam in the crease at the minor-league level. Though he's unlikely to spend next year in the NHL, he'll have a professional quality look for MODO next season.

Here are some photos of Ullmark's new mask from noted goalie mask artist David Gunnarsson. The mask is awesome and is decorated with an impossibly cool Bowser theme:

[Images courtesy: Art of Dave]

"Princess Peach better watch out… because Bowser is out there on the loose," Gunnarsson wrote on his Facebook page. "It was so fun to create this piece for Linus Ullmark for the coming SHL season. Linus is a huge Nintendo fan, just like me…Together we brainstormed, and this idea emerged from our brains and I started to paint."

The only downside to wearing a Bowser mask as a goaltender is that teams will brag about having "the book on how to beat you." "How do you beat Ullmark" opposing players will be asked. 

"You run around, grab him by his tail, fling him around a few times, then throw him at a bomb," they'll answer. "Just do this three times, and you've got him beat." 

Sure, but you'll also be assessed a goaltender interference penalty.