VIDEO: Teemu Selanne mic'd up for final handshake line

Thomas Drance
Robert Hanashiro / USA TODAY Sports

On Friday  night respected Anaheim Ducks sniper Teemu Selanne saw his NHL career come to an end following a 6-2 Game 7 loss at the hands of the Los Angeles Kings. After the game Selanne went through the handshake line, was saluted by his teammates, his opponents, and the Ducks fans in attendance; and he was mic'd up for the whole thing.

The universal respect for Selanne is pretty touching:

The reaction from Kings coach Darryl Sutter, who appears to apologize to Selanne at the end of the handshake line, is particularly interesting. Sutter coached Selanne for two seasons during their shared tenure with the San Jose Sharks, and Selanne had nothing but praise for his former bench boss on Friday per Curtis Zupke of

It was so funny. [Sutter] tried to be so tough. My boys were 6 and 4. I always took them to practice. Darryl always had a soft spot for the kids. Every time my boys came, he always took them into the office and gave candies and stuff. So a lot of times when we lost, we played terrible, so my teammates came and said, 'Hey, make sure you bring your kids.' He tried to be in a bad mood, but then he saw my boys. It was like sunshine.

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