Former LSU WR Beckham: Draft prospects 'feel like a piece of meat'

Josh Gold-Smith

The NFL Draft festivities are taking a toll on at least one prospect.

Former LSU wide receiver and projected late first-round pick Odell Beckham, Jr. says the week of interviews, evaluation and preparation can be a grind.

"It's definitely crazy," Beckham said. "[These teams] are investing so much in you that they want to make sure everything's right."

"At some point in time, and I talk to other [draft prospects], and they feel like a piece of meat, to an extent," Beckham added. "You're getting poked and prodded at and pulled on. It's not easy all the time."

The comments had nothing to do with the sandwich Subway made for projected top-10 pick Anthony Barr.

The draft begins on Thursday night and runs through Saturday in New York.