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Pippen Jr.: There's 'a target' on my back as Scottie Pippen's son

Garrett Ellwood / National Basketball Association / Getty

Scotty Pippen Jr. knows there'll be a lot of eyes on him during his first NBA season.

In an interview with People's Natasha Dye, the son of Chicago Bulls legend Scottie Pippen acknowledged that expectations will be higher for him than others because of who his father is.

"Having a father in the NBA definitely puts a target on your back," Pippen Jr. said. "So, I think just being able to endure all that and finally say 'I made it' is a good feeling.

"I would say there are higher expectations because people expect me to be like my dad, but I don't really let that get to me because that's just what people think I should be or should not be."

Pippen Jr. signed a two-way contract with the Los Angeles Lakers after going unselected in the 2022 NBA Draft. He described joining the Lakers as a "dream come true."

"It's still a crazy feeling just going to the gym and just seeing people that I was around when I used to go to the gym with my dad," he said. "It's still a crazy feeling. I'm still not used to it yet."

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