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Fantasy: Dynasty Trade Value Chart - 2023 Rookie Draft Picks (Midseason Edition)

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theScore's Justin Boone was first overall in FantasyPros' Most Accurate Expert Competition in 2019 and finished among the top seven each of his last seven years in the contest.

In an effort to help you find trades that could improve your fantasy team, we present the Dynasty Trade Value Chart.

You can use this chart to compare players and build realistic trade offers. Values are based on 12-team PPR leagues.

Follow the links below to see the trade values for each position.

Dynasty Rankings & Trade Values
QB | RB | WR | TE | Draft Picks

2023 Rookie Draft Picks

Pick 1QB 2QB
Early 1st round 48 50
Mid 1st round 39 41
Late 1st round 30 32
Early 2nd round 21 23
Mid 2nd round 17 18
Late 2nd round 11 13
Early 3rd round 8 9
Mid 3rd round 5 7
Late 3rd round 4 5
Early 4th round 2 3
Mid 4th round 1 2
Late 4th round 1 1

Dynasty Rankings & Trade Values
QB | RB | WR | TE | Draft Picks

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