Varner labels Floyd killing 'evil,' urges looters to stop
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Harold Varner III addressed the nationwide protests over the killing of George Floyd with a letter shared through social media Monday.

"Here's the obvious: George Floyd should still be alive. Absolutely. No doubt. End of story. This was a senseless killing - a murder - and, to me, it was evil incarnate," Varner wrote.

Varner admitted he received "more messages than ever before" asking for him to speak up as one of the few African-Americans on the PGA Tour. However, he opted for a measured approach.

"It's not helpful to anyone when impulsive, passionate reaction takes precedence over clear-minded thought."

He added, "You can be against a cop savagely killing a man and also have the perspective to say that burning businesses and police stations is wrong. ... Yes, the cop acted in the most horrific of ways. No, not all cops are like that. Yes, people are rightly angry. No, we don't need to loot to make our point. In my heart, I know we're a good country filled with good people. It's time we start recognizing that."

Varner grew up in North Carolina without a lot of money. He relied on others to help him pursue his dream of becoming a professional golfer, which could be why he says he's able to see good in people.

"I had nothing. No nice clothes, no lights, and, hell, sometimes no buck-fifty to eat lunch in high school," he said. "I bought my first pair of jeans when I was in college. And you know what? The people who pushed me to succeed were old white and black men at my local muni. They were the ones helping me with clothes, bills, and food. The white guys aren't racists, and the black guys aren't either.

"I would call myself lucky, but that'd be undermining everything I believe. I'm not insensitive to reality. I'm realistic about the innate good I see in people."

Varner is the first African-American on the PGA Tour to speak on the unrest currently gripping the United States.

Varner labels Floyd killing 'evil,' urges looters to stop
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