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Apparel company says Drake came up with 'Kawhi me a river' slogan

Yahoo Sports Canada/Twitter

Drake's apparel choices have been just as much of a talking point as his sideline antics during the NBA playoffs.

Among the rapper's more noteworthy clothing items was a "Kawhi me a river" hoodie he wore to Game 6 of the Eastern Conference finals following criticism from Milwaukee Bucks coach Mike Budenholzer and one of Giannis Antetokounmpo's representatives. According to the company that made the hoodie, 100 Miles Brand, the slogan was all Drake's idea.

"We've known Drake for a very, very, very long time," 100 Miles Brand owner Garie Adamson told Brandon Robinson of Scoop B Radio. "Toronto, as big as it is, it's very small, so we've had a history with, one, just being a fan of Drake and he actually, I want to tell you the truth, he ordered it.

"He ordered it like any other client online and we were, like everybody else, seeing the results of us just delivering it to his peoples and him doing what he did with it, putting the 'Kawhi me a river' on the back. So we don't want to take any credit where credit's not due, that was all Drake with the 'Kawhi me a river,' we're just the brand that he chose to wear that day, and God bless him every step of his way and all the success that he has."

Adamson said the brand has experienced a surge in interest since Drake wore the hoodie.

"It's been crazy," he said. "It's been amazing, phone hasn't stopped ringing."

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