Bosh says Kobe's Oscar ended his desire for NBA comeback

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While Chris Bosh remained optimistic he would return to the NBA after a life-threatening blood clot issue cut his 2015-16 campaign short, two moments helped him come to terms with ending his career.

The first, as Bosh said on a recent episode of Dan Le Batard's podcast "South Beach Sessions," was when Boston Celtics forward Gordon Hayward suffered a gruesome ankle injury in October 2017.

"After Gordon Hayward dislocated his ankle. That's when I kind of was like, I tell people, that took the wind out of my sail," Bosh said.

The second moment came when Kobe Bryant won an Oscar for his animated short film "Dear Basketball."

"You know who did it for me? Kobe winning the Oscar. That kind of was like, 'Damn, dude!' ... I was talking to Kobe. We had dinner one time, and he was telling me, 'Oh yeah, yeah, yeah,' talking about the Oscar. 'This dude is nuts. Kobe is crazy. I know he got 81 on us, but he's crazy. He thinks he's going to get an Oscar! Isn't that crazy, guys?' And then you watch him go across the stage, and it's like, 'Ah, man. Dude.'"

"But when he made his points in breaking down what was happening and what he was going for, I said, 'Yeah, okay.' I couldn't refute it. You know, I couldn't say that wasn't a good idea."

Bosh has been dabbling in the arts since his NBA career ended, taking acting classes and trying to break into the music industry as a producer. Perhaps an Oscar is in his future, too.

Bosh says Kobe's Oscar ended his desire for NBA comeback
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