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theScore App - Empowering the fan's experience

For your consideration: theScore app (iOS & Android)

theScore on iOS and Android delivers highly-personalized and extremely fast live scores, data, news and alerts and is one of the most popular multisport news and data apps in North America. With 4-5 million monthly users, the app has sports fans opening it 100 times a month EACH on average.

There’s so much to explore with theScore, but the app’s deep personalization options and innovative way of providing data, scores and news makes it easy for sports fans to cut through the noise and get to what matters. Just Google ‘best sports app’ and see the results for yourself...

Some of the features that deliver such a fun and seamless user experience for millions of sports fans, helping us average 4.7 stars in the App Store from more than 80,000 ratings and 4.4 in Google Play from almost 150,000 reviews, include:

*Favorites - A highly-personalized feed of news and scores. Users can quickly and easily add their favorite teams, leagues and players, and see their feed instantly updated with the information THEY care about most. They can easily prioritize their Favorites by reordering the ‘chips’ at the top of the screen, and also set-up alerts to be notified about scoring plays and breaking news. This puts the user in total control of what they receive.

*Scores - An at-a-glance view of all the live games happening at the moment, as well as what’s coming up. Games featuring a user’s favorite teams and leagues are prioritized, so they can get up-to-speed quickly and easily. Want to go deeper? Fans just have to tap a matchup and be taken to an in-depth box score featuring deep data, scoring plays, rich graphics, betting odds, historical stats, and key players - plus much more.

*Discover - This is where we uncover the biggest social stories and multimedia that’s got sports fans talking! Discover is one of theScore’s most deeply-scrolled rivers, with users able to see everything from last night’s sickest dunk, to the best athlete swag. You can also play topically-themed HTML games right from the app, each originally created by theScore.

*Chat & Messaging - Who doesn’t like talking sports? theScore recently launched innovative chat and messaging features in app, helping its community of fans to connect around the games and content they love. Public Chat is available in every matchup page, while fans can also set-up group messaging with friends and family or just chat 1-1 if they’d prefer.

*News - Exactly what it says. This is where all the breaking news lives, including original content from theScore and the best-of-the-rest from other team-focused outlets. Users can easily sort by ‘Top News’ from across all sports, or by league - with tabs prioritized based on a user’s favorites.

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