Wall agrees with LeBron: All-Star draft 'should be televised'
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John Wall is siding with The King.

The Washington Wizards point guard echoed LeBron James' sentiment when asked if he thinks people should be able to watch the All-Star draft, which the NBA is reportedly thinking of making private.

"I think it should be televised," Wall said on NBC Sports Washington's "Wizards Tipoff" podcast.

"If you made the All-Star Game, it should be televised who is going to be on what team. I don't think you should call them and then wait until everybody sees who will be an All-Star. They should let it be known. We're grown men, like (LeBron) said. If they ain't pick you, they ain't pick you."

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The league announced the ASG format change in October, with the top vote-getter from each conference earning the opportunity to select his teammates from a pool of All-Stars.

It's believed the NBA wants to keep the selections under wraps to avoid airing out messy politics like, for instance, whether James chooses Kyrie Irving or if Kevin Durant picks Russell Westbrook. It would no doubt be safer to simply reveal the rosters after the fact with no explanation of who was picked when, but where's the fun in that?

Voting begins Thursday, while the picks will presumably be made closer to February's festivities in Los Angeles when the participants are finalized.

Wall is a four-time All-Star and has played with James on each occasion.

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Wall agrees with LeBron: All-Star draft 'should be televised'
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