Look: Roger 'McFederer' dons kilt in exhibition vs. Murray in Scotland
Roger Federer/Twitter

When in Scotland, do as the Scots do.

That was Roger Federer's attitude when he traveled to Glasgow for an exhibition match against Andy Murray.

On top of being treated to some of Murray's grandmother's homemade shortbread before the match, Federer had a kilt outfitted during the second set. The Eurosport television graphic even gave his name a Scottish flair.

Federer had his own self-styled moniker for the occasion.

Federer looked quite comfortable playing in the kilt, though he couldn't figure out where to tuck the spare tennis ball.

And if you were ever wondering if Federer's majestic one-handed backhand would look any less majestic if he hit it while wearing the billowing bottoms, wonder no longer.

Here's hoping Nike is already working this look into Federer's ATP Finals kit.

Look: Roger 'McFederer' dons kilt in exhibition vs. Murray in Scotland
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