Oklahoma's Mayfield calls Bill Snyder a 'class act' ahead of Kansas State clash
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Oklahoma and Kansas State are set to square off this week, but Baker Mayfield likely won't be directing any animosity toward the Wildcats sidelines.

Kansas State head coach Bill Snyder has been known to write letters to opposing players, and Mayfield recalled such instances in the past as having a resounding personal affect on him, according to Eric Bailey of Tulsa World.

Mayfield spoke of three specific letters he has received from Snyder, one for each time he has competed against the coaching legend, and offered the highest praise for the man he calls a "class act."

"I have so much respect for Coach Snyder. The three times I've played against him, even at Texas Tech, I've received a letter all three years," Mayfield said. "It's been something. I still have all three of them. He's a class act and it doesn't get much better than him."

Mayfield put special emphasis on the first letter he ever received from Snyder, and how much it surprised him that such a prominent head coach would take notice of a player who wasn't even a starter at the time.

"Really in shock. It wasn't a game that I was starting at the time. I came in," Mayfield said. "It was something that meant a lot to me because in the letter he talked about competitive nature and willing to never give up. That was stuff to me that meant a lot and it still does.

"At the time, going through some tough trials, it was huge for me to see a guy like that who I've been watching on TV for so long had some respect for me."

Oklahoma's Mayfield calls Bill Snyder a 'class act' ahead of Kansas State clash
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