Beckham: Dog peeing celebration a retort to Trump's 'son of a b----' remark

Bill Streicher / USA TODAY Sports

Warning: Story contains coarse language

Odell Beckham Jr. wasn't just pretending to be a dog peeing for no reason. It was a response to President Donald Trump referring to any NFL player who protests during the U.S. national anthem as "a son of a bitch," according to the star receiver.

The New York Giants' star pass-catcher revealed the point of his touchdown celebration during Sunday's loss to the Philadelphia Eagles in response to a tweet Monday:

Beckham also raised a fist - as many other players have done during the anthem this season - after scoring his second touchdown of the day.

The 24-year-old hinted that Trump's words prompted his unconventional celebration after the game, saying, "I'm a dog. So I acted like a dog."