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Report: NFL players considering further protests following Trump's criticism


(Warning: Story contains coarse language)

Thirty-five NFL players who have previously not protested during the national anthem will do so Sunday in response to President Donald Trump's comments, according to Shaun King of The Intercept.

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Players will sit, take a knee, or raise a fist during the "Star-Spangled Banner," added King.

Buffalo Bills players, in particular, plan to address Trump's call for anthem protesters to be fired in a team meeting Saturday, according to ESPN's Jeff Darlington.

Darlington described the Bills' locker room as "extremely emotional" in the wake of Trump's criticism, with players considering "several possibilities" in terms of a protest in Week 3.

Bills star running back LeSean McCoy called the president an "asshole" in a tweet Saturday, one of many responses from NFLers on social media.

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Trump's comments were also denounced by commissioner Roger Goodell and NFL Players Association director DeMaurice Smith.

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