At €222M, Neymar is more expensive than all these things

Sergio Perez / Reuters

Neymar officially made the switch to Paris Saint-Germain after paying his €222-million buyout clause, and while Barcelona may not have wanted the big-money deposit, the Catalan club had no choice but to accept it in the end.

But for PSG owners Qatar Sports Investments, the fee is no laughing matter. In fact, that money could have been used for all sorts of interesting purchases instead of Neymar. Here are a few things you can acquire with €222 million (or much less):

Roman Abramovich's old yacht (€76M)

If PSG is hoping to capture some of the magic that made Chelsea champion of Europe in 2012, then perhaps the secret lies on Le Grand Bleu, the old yacht of Blues owner Roman Abramovich. The 370-foot vessel, now owned by Abramovich's friend Eugene Shvidler, costs about $90 million (€76 million).

The Rock and Jennifer Lawrence (€93M)

PSG could theoretically finance a movie starring both the world's highest-paid actor and priciest actress in Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson ($64M, €54M) and Jennifer Lawrence ($46M, €39M). After paying their combined salaries, the club would still have more than $100 million left to produce the Hollywood blockbuster.

An MLS expansion franchise

PSG could expand its reach into the U.S. by buying an expansion team in Major League Soccer. After paying the $150-million (€126.5-million) expansion fee, PSG would still have another $100 million to build a modest stadium and there might even be enough left over to buy a Designated Player (or three).

The Playboy Mansion (€169M)

The iconic Playboy Mansion is home to some of Hollywood's most legendary parties and according to TMZ, the dream of endless mortal pleasure could be purchased for $200 million (€169 million). That's how much the six-acre Holmby Hills property was listed for, with the catch that Hugh Hefner stays indefinitely.

Marseille (€187M) or Santos (€144M)

Instead of buying Neymar, PSG could have bought and dismantled a title challenger, as Marseille is listed by Business Insider at a price of €187 million ($222M). Or, the team could have unearthed the next great Brazilian talent by buying Neymar's old club, Santos, for $170 million (€144 million), according to Forbes.

The Eiffel Tower ... for almost 2 years (€221M)

Finally, should PSG's owners wish it, they could buy every ticket sold to visitors of the Eiffel Tower - typically priced at €17 - for almost two years. Paris' iconic monument attracts around 7 million people every year, which is about 20,000 people per day. Assuming each visitor purchases a ticket, PSG could finance every visit for 650 days at a cool €221 million.

(Photos courtesy: Action Images)