LaVar unconcerned with Lonzo's summer league stats: 'You just gotta win'

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Everyone seems to be very impressed with Los Angeles Lakers rookie Lonzo Ball's performance in the Las Vegas Summer League - everyone, except his own father.

The Lakers have a 3-2 record (2-2 with Lonzo in the lineup), which is all LaVar Ball cares to focus on.

"I don't care about no stats. That's what everyone's stuck on, stats," LaVar told ESPN's Jovan Buha. "He had stats the first game, and they lost. Who cares? He had stats the second game ... lost. I don't care about no stats. Triple-doubles in wins, you good. We (Big Ballers) played a team the other day, boy had 53 points and lost. Who cares? That's what I'm saying. Stats don't mean nothing to no point guard. You just gotta win."

In his first four appearances for Los Angeles, Lonzo averaged 17 points on 35.7 percent shooting, along with 9.8 assists, 8.3 rebounds, and 3.3 steals. LaVar has seen his son produce those numbers in the past, which is why he's not going to allow himself to get carried away like the rest of the basketball world may be doing early on.

"Impressive to y'all. My boy been playing like that all his life. Triple-doubles is easy for him," LaVar added.