Silver: NBA will reconsider 1-and-done rule next season

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports / Action Images

NBA commissioner Adam Silver doubled down on Wednesday's comments regarding the league's one-and-done draft entry rule, understanding the restriction in its current form isn't serving any party involved.

"My sense is it's not working for anyone," Silver said of the rule at his annual news conference prior to Game 1 of the NBA Finals on Thursday. "We're going to come together ... whether it be the colleges, of course our union, agents ... lots of points of view out there and see if we can come up with a better system."

When asked when that would happen, Silver said, "over the course of the next season."

The commissioner said Wednesday he was "rethinking" his position on the one-and-done draft restriction.

Since the rule was instituted for the 2006 draft, the NBA's viewpoint has been that the requirement of a player being one year removed from his high school graduating class isn't long enough. Ideally, the league has wanted to change it to two years, while the players' association has been adamantly opposed to any rule at all.

Silver now sounds like he's open to a compromise, something that could result in a two-tiered system.

"I'm not standing here today saying I have the perfect solution," Silver said.