'Dart Guy' attends Blue Jays game, sans facepaint, cigarette

Lucas Casaletto
Blue Jays / Twitter

One of Toronto sports' good luck charms decided to make a stop Thursday at Rogers Centre, but unfortunately for the Blue Jays, he didn't bring any good fortune with him.

Jason Maslakow - otherwise known by Toronto Maple Leafs fans as "Dart Guy" - turned into an internet sensation when he was featured on the Maple Leafs broadcast with a cigarette in his mouth and face and beard full of white and blue paint.

Social media quickly ran with it and anointed him "Dart Guy," turning him into Toronto's most talked about sport's figure. Although his presence has helped guide the underdog Maple Leafs against the Washington Capitals, he couldn't spark the Blue Jays, who dropped to 3-12 on the season.