Reggie Miller slams Knicks, backs up Oakley
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Reggie Miller continues to own the New York Knicks.

Miller, like most former and current players, is siding with Charles Oakley in his public undressing at the hands of Knicks security that broke loose at Madison Square Garden on Wednesday night.

The Indiana Pacers legend shared his thoughts on Twitter about Oakley, who was once a bitter adversary.

Miller is still reviled in New York decades after his unforgettable playoff run-ins with the Knicks - most notably with "eight points, nine seconds" - but his words are as incisive as they are accurate.

The team is already drowning in bad press with Knicks president Phil Jackson catching flack for his stiff uprooting of Carmelo Anthony. But team owner James Dolan's latest antics with a beloved ex-Knick like Oakley, only further damages the franchise's reputation. Accounts of the fracas vary, but the optics of Oakley being slammed to the ground by team security on national TV, followed by two unflattering Knicks PR releases casting negative aspersions, really can't be helping the team's image.

Reggie Miller slams Knicks, backs up Oakley
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