Millwall staying put as local council reverses decision to sell club land
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Full time at The Den, and it's Football 1, Developers 0.

Millwall supporters are celebrating Victory in Lewisham Day, and for good reason.

After months of worry over a potential move away from south-east London, the Lions and their supporters have had those concerns assuaged with an announcement from the Lewisham council that it has ditched plans to seize the club's land for redevelopment.

The Lewisham council had initially considered a proposal from developers Renewal which would force the club to sell the land around The Den for redevelopment, threatening Millwall's facilities and academy training centre.

Months of pressure and back and forth discussions that included support for the club from London Mayor Sadiq Khan have now come to an abrupt end, with Millwall staying put instead of a move south-east to Kent

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"We have declared Sunday VIL Day," Millwall Association of Supporters member Nick Hart told the Evening Standard.

"Millwall is the beating heart of Bermondsey. Moving away from Bermondsey would have been like removing your heart from your body and would have been a total loss of identity for the club. It is a wonderful event in the history of Millwall."

With the decision favouring the Championship side, Millwall can now become part of a much-needed New Bermondsey revitalisation project.

"The area needs to be regenerated," said Hart. "No one denies that. South Bermondsey has been neglected for many years and needs investment.

"Millwall want to be part of that to sustain what is a small club."

The Lions welcome Watford in FA Cup play Sunday in an atmosphere that's sure to be celebratory.

Millwall staying put as local council reverses decision to sell club land
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