John Scott: 'I am officially retired, as of today'
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The reigning NHL All-Star Game most valuable player is calling it a day.

While John Scott has been seen enjoying the retirement lifestyle, he has penned an article for The Players' Tribune to make a formal announcement.

"It has been a hell of a ride. But I'm done. I am officially retired, as of today," he wrote.

Known primarily as a ruffian over the course of his career, Scott thoughtfully wrote again about what the 2016 All-Star experience meant to him - and how the NHL changed the rulebook to make sure it doesn't happen again - and also took the opportunity to discuss the role of fighting in his career and in the game.

Scott writes:

I scored five goals. I had four kids. And I had one hell of a good time over the years. By my count, I only had 43 fights in the NHL. I only really lost one clean, in my humble opinion. Congratulations, Justin Johnson. You caught me with the left hook. What can I say? Good job.

Can I just make a final confession, though? I don't care what people remember about me as a hockey player, but please remember this one thing: I didn't love to fight. The actual 30 seconds of fighting was fine. Your adrenaline takes over and the competition of battling at such a high level is actually enjoyable. The problem is all the anticipation of having to drop the gloves with another very skilled individual who can hurt you. The waiting is what drives you crazy. It's not very easy on your psyche, especially once you have a family.

Scott is fortunate to have emerged relatively unscathed, and will focus on being a stay-at-home dad for the time being.

The full article can be read here.

John Scott: 'I am officially retired, as of today'
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