Bobby Orr: Hockey's become too fast, too dangerous
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When Bobby Orr speaks, you listen. It's as simple as that.

The legendary Hall of Fame defenseman shared some thoughts on the modern game with TSN's Gino Reda, and No. 4 believes the NHL must bring back the red line in order to slow the game down - it's too fast, the players too big, and the game too dangerous as a result.

"I think the center line, with the size of our players and the speed of our players, we're shooting the puck from the goal line to the other blue line, and guys are going through the middle looking back for the passes, I think our game has become more dangerous," Orr said.

Now 68, Orr said far too many players are being lost to injury due to too much open ice.

"I just don't think (hockey is a game) we can play without borders. And we need that center ice line back in to slow it down. ... With the size, the strength, I don't think we can play like that."

Orr added that he isn't concerned with a decrease in scoring if the red line comes back into play. He pointed out, in fact, that all of the rules implemented to increase scoring haven't worked.

"The coaches just coach around the style," Orr said. "If the red line was back in, now the players have to make plays coming out of their end. I think that's going to help create more offense. Forechecking can be more sustained."

Orr would know - he revolutionized his position, after all. Injuries limited him to only 657 career regular-season games, but he left hockey having averaged a remarkable 1.39 points per contest.

Bobby Orr: Hockey's become too fast, too dangerous
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