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Durant on his height: 'When I'm talking to women, I'm 7-feet'

Kevin Jairaj-USA TODAY Sports

No numbers in the NBA are more fuzzy than the listed height of its players. Kevin Garnett is catalogued at 6-foot-11, but is actually over 7-feet. Charles Barkley played 16 years listed at 6-foot-6, but in reality stands 6-foot-4.

Kevin Durant's size is another mystery, which he joked about with The Wall Street Journal's Chris Herring.

"For me, when I'm talking to women, I'm 7-feet. In basketball circles, I'm 6-foot-9," Durant said.

Durant's height is often questioned because his Oklahoma City Thunder frontcourt partner Serge Ibaka is listed at 6-foot-10 - an inch taller than KD's indexed height. Photographs like this cast doubt on that:

Durant admitted that much of the height manipulation is based on ages-old NBA positional stereotypes.

"But really, I've always thought it was cool to say I'm a 6-9 small forward," Durant said. "Really, that's the prototypical size for a small forward. Anything taller than that, and they'll start saying, 'Ah, he’s a power forward.'"

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