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3-Wide: Who won the trade between the Rams and Titans?

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3-Wide is a weekly feature in which theScore's NFL editors debate the hot topics around the league. Grab a cold towel and brace for hot takes.

Who won the trade between the Rams and Titans?

David P. Woods: It's a little foolish to judge trades like this before the picks are made and the players develop. If the Rams find a franchise quarterback, every pick they traded away will be worth it. But we won't know if they have found one for another few years. Right now, the Titans look like big winners. In a draft considered to have a sweet spot of talent between picks 15-45, the Titans' three second-round selections are golden.

Joe Thomson: Any time you can turn one pick into six picks, you've won the trade. When this deal's ultimately dissected three years down the road, that assessment will hinge on the Titans' ability to convert their bounty into wins. Unless you're madly in love with Jared Goff or Carson Wentz, which I'm not, this trade has the makings of a career crippler for Jeff Fisher.

Dan Wilkins: The number of picks surrendered is staggering at first glance, but this is about as fair as a draft trade gets. By no means did Los Angeles get ripped off in its unprecedented move up the first-round board. And if the quarterback eventually selected turns into a perennial Pro Bowler, this deal could look like a bargain in retrospect.

Should the Rams draft Jared Goff or Carson Wentz?

Thomson: If you're a gambler, you take Wentz. If you're not, you take Goff. My suspicion is that a team willing to risk so much to move up to No. 1 is probably into the higher-ceiling prospect. In reality, the Rams should take whichever quarterback they believe can handle the limelight of L.A. best, and there are questions surrounding both in that regard. But, for me, high upside wins out, so Wentz should be the guy.

Wilkins: Goff is the better prospect of the two. Wentz is thought to have a higher ceiling, based largely upon the fact that he's physically the prototypical quarterback, but that guarantees little in terms of future development. Goff showed more than enough during his college career to be deemed the top signal-caller in this class. The Rams should be comfortable making him the No. 1 pick.

Woods: Where did this idea that Wentz has a higher ceiling come from? Sure, he's bigger and more athletic. But a quarterback's ceiling is ultimately measured by what he can do from inside the pocket and Goff shows superior pocket movement and throws a more accurate ball. He should be the pick.

What should the Browns do with the No. 2 pick?

Wilkins: This all depends on whether the Browns like the quarterback left on the board after Los Angeles makes its selection. If not, the front office should be on the phones looking at possible trade scenarios. For an organization seemingly dedicated to a mass rebuild, following Tennessee's example and stockpiling picks is easily the most sensible strategy. There should be several teams, including the Eagles, interested in moving up.

Woods: If you don't have a franchise quarterback, you don't have anything. The Browns could try to mimic what the Titans just pulled off, but the only reason the Titans were in the position to do so was because they used the No. 2 pick a year ago to draft Marcus Mariota. Robert Griffin III isn't close to a good enough reason to pass on drafting a quarterback. The Browns should take Goff/Wentz and pray they hit the jackpot.

Thomson: The Browns should re-enact the plot of the movie "Draft Day," in which Cleveland Browns general manager Kevin Costner drafts a linebacker with a similar name to Myles Jack first overall before swindling the Jaguars and Seahawks out of their picks with some well-timed chicanery. Are there holes in this plan? Sure, but it's probably better than whatever the Browns currently have in mind. In conclusion: The Browns should select Myles Jack and try to bully teams into giving up their draft picks through some type of delightful coercion.

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