PHOTO: Florida's Chris Walker is a beast

Gordon Brunt
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

It looks like Florida's sophomore forward Chris Walker is determined to get more playing time next season with the Gators.

Walker, who averaged 4.8 minutes last season in 18 games, opted to return to the Gators for the upcoming season instead of entering the NBA Draft and, judging by this picture of his off-season workout, appears to have the physique of an NBA player rather than 19-year-old entering his second year at college.

Walker didn't make his debut with the Gators until February and failed to find consistent playing time. Through 18 appearances, he only managed to average 1.9 point and 1.3 rebounds per game.

Based on this photo alone, expect the rebounds to increase as he looks poised to be a strong presence in the paint, an aspect of his game which was lacking last season.