LaVar Ball's received illegal offers for sons 'every summer'
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LaVar Ball isn't surprised by the recent scandal rocking the college basketball landscape.

The outspoken father of Lonzo and LaMelo Ball revealed he's been constantly approached with offers from apparel companies as his sons have been growing up, but that he's had zero interest in accepting what he considers to be low amounts.

"Every summer," LaVar said on the CBS Sports Flagrant Two podcast. "They keep coming every summer to get me to say 'yes.' They offered you money, they offered to take care of the AAU team, they're gonna give everybody uniforms, everybody shoes. I mean, it's just, any kind of way.

"But see the word got out that LaVar don't need that," he added. "Someone even had a false accusation that said, 'Oh LaVar asked me for $200,000.' I was like, 'Wow, that's funny.' What am I gonna do with $200,000? After I've bought a car and paid some bills I'm stuck right where I'm at. So $200,000 ain't gonna do nothing."

Federal charges were brought against 10 people this week in a corruption probe linked to NCAA basketball, including the director of global sports marketing for Adidas, who was accused of funneling money to high-profile recruits.

LaVar Ball's received illegal offers for sons 'every summer'
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