Danny Granger: Heat players went looking for Stephenson during 2012 playoffs

Steve Mitchell / USA TODAY Sports / Reuters

The Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat produced one of the better NBA rivalries of the decade when the two teams faced off in three consecutive thrilling playoff series from 2012-14.

Former Pacers shooting guard Lance Stephenson played a large part in escalating the rivalry with his childish antics on the court, including when he directed a choking sign towards LeBron James after the superstar missed a crucial free throw during the 2012 Eastern Conference semifinals.

Danny Granger - who was a member of the Pacers at the time - told SiriusXM NBA Radio on Friday that Miami players Chris Andersen, Udonis Haslem, and Juwan Howard wanted to teach Stephenson a lesson for taunting their MVP. According to Granger, the Miami trio went looking for Stephenson in the Indiana locker room during an off day in the series.

"They were protecting LeBron. They thought Lance had done something disrespectful to him," Granger said of the motives behind the players' actions.

Granger went on to say that security stopped the players before they could enter the Pacers' room, ending the situation before it could escalate further.