Top 5 NBA St. Patrick's Day Uniforms

Rebecca Cook / Reuters

St. Patrick's Day is a time when NBA teams get creative with their uniforms, and that's yielded some terrific results over the years. In the lead up to the big night, theScore counts down the top five St. Patrick's Day uniforms.

No. 5: 2007-13 Toronto Raptors

The Raptors haven't been shy about mixing up color choices when deciding what to wear on game day. In 21 seasons as an NBA franchise, the Raptors have trotted onto the court in purple, red, black, and green.

As a sophomore, DeMar DeRozan particularly enjoyed sporting the greens in a pair of games on March 16 and 18 of 2011, hitting on 19 of 26 shots from the field for a combined 46 points in those contests.

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