Durant, Westbrook dismiss Curry's guaranteed win comment

Mark D. Smith / USA TODAY Sports

Stephen Curry sparked drama Thursday afternoon when he boldly predicted wins for the both the Golden State Warriors and Carolina Panthers during the first weekend in February.

However, the reigning league MVP's boastful remark didn't appear to bother the Oklahoma City Thunder players, who'll face Curry's Warriors on Feb. 6 - one day before the Super Bowl.

"Man, I don't pay attention to s--- like that," Durant told ESPN's Royce Young. "We play tonight. We'll see. We play tonight, we still gotta play the game tonight. We got those guys coming up. What else he supposed to say? They're everybody's, uh, ... I'm just going to leave it at that."

Russell Westbrook was even more dismissive, giving Young cut-eye when he asked for his opinion on Curry's comment.

Next week will mark the first matchup between the squads, with both of them entering the contest red-hot, having won at least eight of their last 10 contests.