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Kobe on what he wishes he could change about his game: 'Bigger hands'

Jessica Rinaldi / REUTERS

Kobe Bryant has perfected just about everything in terms of on-court skills and basketball IQ. There's virtually nothing left for him to prove or accomplish on the hardwood.

However, there is one element of his game, or rather his physique, that he wishes he could have changed: his hands.

"Physically if I could change one thing … the one thing that Michael Jordan had, some of the other players (I played with) had, is massive hands. I have big hands but their hands were huge," Bryant told attendees at his annual basketball camp in Santa Barbara, Calif., according to "It means you could grab the basketball, pick up the basketball, and hold it, and control it in the paint. Which is something I had to work extremely hard at, with my forearms, things like that. If I had to one thing, change one thing, I would have bigger hands."

Jordan does indeed have legendarily large hands, as evidenced in countless one-handed pump fakes, layups, and rebounds over the course of his illustrious career.

The size of His Airness' palms is so storied, in fact, that Jimmy Kimmel enlisted the 52-year-old owner of the Charlotte Hornets in this humorous challenge:

Bryant, however, has done just fine over the past two decades. His ability to control the basketball in the open court and in traffic has cemented him as one of the most dangerous players in league history with a ball in his still-enviably-sized hands.

If one were to look closely enough, the similarities between Bryant and MJ are actually quite uncanny.

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