NBA admits missed Iguodala foul and James travel on same overtime play
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Cleveland weatherman Mark Johnson has been vindicated. Sort of.

The NBA released their officiating report for the final two minutes of the Cleveland Cavaliers' Game 2 victory over the Golden State Warriors on Sunday. The highlight of Monday's report is a play that came with 1:37 remaining in overtime, one that led to a fair amount of griping from Cavs fans.

On the play in question, LeBron James was operating on the block against Andre Iguodala. James turned to take a shot, losing the handle as Iguodala swiped across his arms, leading to a shot-clock violation. The replay evidence points to Iguodala having hacked James pretty badly, with a foul likely warranted:

LeBron very clearly hacked by Iguodala.

But extended replay shows excessive foot movement on the part of James as he established a pivot in the post, and so it seemed a case of two missed calls canceling each other out - not how things are supposed to work, but a result neither side could complain about.

The NBA's report agrees, pointing out two mistakes on the play. The league scored the missed James travel as an "incorrect non-call," pointing out that James moved his pivot foot. They also scored the Iguodala foul an "incorrect non-call," saying a shooting foul should have been called on the play. In other words, Iguodala's foul should never have had the chance to happen, and the play would have ended in a Cavs' turnover either way.

Missed calls and bad calls generally even out over the course of a game or series, but having it all even out in a matter of split-seconds is efficient work from the basketball gods.

NBA admits missed Iguodala foul and James travel on same overtime play
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