Report: Jason Kidd set to become Bucks head coach, Nets to receive pair of 2nd-round picks

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Jason Kidd is set to become the new head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, as the Bucks and Brooklyn Nets have agreed on compensation for letting Kidd go.

In return, the Nets will received a 2015 second-round pick and an additional second-round pick said to be in 2018 or 2019, according to multiple reports.

That has to be considered a quality haul for the Nets, who were said to be done with Kidd anyway following his failed Frank Underwood-esque power move to become the Nets' president of basketball operations. The 2015 pick is said to be the one Brooklyn surrendered to Utah previously and has since made its way to Milwaukee, while the 2019 second-round pick is Milwaukee's (or rather, the higher of Milwaukee's pick that year or Sacramento's, a pick the Bucks also own).

Regardless of where the picks land, this also frees Brooklyn from paying the remaining money owed to Kidd. This will also allow them up to hire a head coach who, you know, won't try to run the organization after one good-not-great season at the helm. Whoever it is will be the Nets' seventh head coach in six years, somehow.

While it's expected that Kidd will eventually gain more power in Milwaukee thanks to his close relationship with new owner Marc Lasry, he is only expected to become the head coach right now (you can read more on that wrinkle in the storyline below).

This, naturally, means the Bucks are now done with head coach Larry Drew, who is coming off his first year behind the Bucks' bench. Drew was fired on Monday shortly after compensation had been agreed upon between the Bucks and Nets.

In quite the show of disrespect, this was all news to Drew, however, which has ruffled a great number of feathers in NBA circles.

This is all very entertaining and interesting, but you have to feel bad for Drew, who surely thought his job was safe after the new owners decided not to clean house upon arrival. He should catch on as an assistant somewhere pretty quickly.

Meanwhile, two second-round picks may not be enough to satiate the Nets, who believe the Bucks may have tampered with Kidd during the season.

Kidd was, at times, unhappy, according to a report from Grantland, so that wouldn't be shocking news. In that report, Zach Lowe details that Kidd's camp started this maneuvering back in December, urging the Nets to bring someone in above Billy King, the man Kidd's power play was eventually designed to usurp. It's all very messy.

Kidd is expected to try and bring lead assistant Eric Hughes with him to Milwaukee. If you're thinking there could be more trickle-down between the rosters, that won't be the case:

Report: Jason Kidd set to become Bucks head coach, Nets to receive pair of 2nd-round picks
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