Sorry, David Lee, but the All-Defensive Team vote you got was apparently an accident

So, about that vote that David Lee got for the NBA All-Defensive Team, the one that completely lacks any semblance of justifiability.

It turns out, it was an accident.

Because the NBA releases the details of which media member or broadcaster voted for which player, there's a level of accountability introduced to the proceedings that wasn't always there. That's a good thing.

It also helps keep our faith in the voting process. While it's annoying that Al McCoy made a mistake voting, at least he didn't actually think Lee was deserving of a vote (unless he's simply saying it was a mistake now that everyone's pointed out how wrong it was).

There is also a strong belief around basketball Twitter that Hubie Brown probably made a mistake in voting for Danny Granger, who would have appeared right next to the more-justifiable Danny Green on the ballot.

As for the other inexplicable votes? Well, here's who voted for them. You'll have to ask the voters yourself.

James Harden - Stephanie Ready, SportSouth; Kevin Calabro, ESPN Radio
DeMar DeRozan - Brian Davis, Fox Sports Oklahoma
Michael Carter-Williams - Spero Dedes, MSG Network
Monta Ellis - Dwain Price, Ft. Worth Star Telegram

Sorry, David Lee, but the All-Defensive Team vote you got was apparently an accident
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