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Thomas: If Jordan regrets 'asshole' remark, he should apologize publicly

Nathaniel S. Butler / National Basketball Association / Getty

Isiah Thomas is calling on Michael Jordan to apologize for comments about him in "The Last Dance."

Jordan described Thomas as an "asshole" in the documentary series while reflecting on the Detroit Pistons' decision to walk off the court without shaking hands after the Chicago Bulls swept them in the 1991 Eastern Conference finals. Thomas didn't appreciate the remark and wants a public apology from His Airness - but only if he didn't mean it.

"You got on national television, and you called me an asshole, and then you said you hated me. You said that on national television," Thomas said during an appearance on "All The Smoke" with Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson. "Now, if you didn't mean it, get on national television and apologize for it. Now if you meant it, let it ride as it is."

Thomas explained that he gets asked constantly about the remark, while Jordan has yet to address it.

"I have to answer this question, right, in every interview that I sit down and do," Thomas said. "You asking me this question, right? So now I'm the one who's looking like, 'Oh, why you talking about Jordan? Why you saying this?' When you had put that out there and now you at home or on your golf course or doing whatever you do, and now I gotta answer this B.S. question.

"So if you man enough and if you meant it, leave it as it is. But if you didn't mean it, then come out and clean it up."

The Pistons legend stated previously that until he gets a public apology from Jordan, he's prepared to continue their beef "for a long, long time."

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