Curry to produce 'Wedding Crashers-esque' Christian comedy
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Stephen Curry's production company, Unanimous Media, will be keeping him busy this offseason.

The Golden State Warriors star recently spoke to Variety's Andrew Wallenstein about some of the projects he's working on after striking a deal with Sony Pictures in April. Several of the films are already in development, including one called "Church Hoppers," which Wallenstein describes as a "'Wedding Crashers'-esque comedy about a jilted groom who takes his pals along with him as he navigates the church scene in search of a new bride."

Curry said he's open to making a cameo in "Church Hoppers," too.

"I have a corniness to me, a decent sense of humor and charm when I'm in front of the camera," he said. "I just can't do voices - that's it. I've got to stay away from that."

While many of Unanimous' film concepts will be faith-based, Curry said some may focus only on sports or family themes.

"It's not about me hitting people over the head with a Bible and telling them they have to believe a certain thing, or think a certain way," he said.

Curry to produce 'Wedding Crashers-esque' Christian comedy
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