Top NBA free agents (10-1): Will LeBron and CP3 team up?

Welcome to theScore's list of the top 50 NBA free agents for the summer of 2018. The rest of the rankings can be accessed below.

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10. PF Derrick Favors, 26 - UFA

12.3 7.2 1.3 28.0

Favors was a model of consistency for the surprising Jazz. He's not the big free-agent splash several teams will be looking to make, but what he lacks in sex appeal, the nine-season veteran makes up for by being reliable and doing all of the right things. With a stretch-four in Jae Crowder making under $8 million through 2020, though, Utah could move on if Favors proves to be too costly.

9. SG JJ Redick, 33 - UFA

17.1 2.5 3.0 30.2

It sure sounds like Redick wants to return to the 76ers after signing a one-year contract last summer. He's not trying hard to hide that desire, telling The Philly Voice's Evan Macy that his 2017-18 season in Philadelphia was probably his favorite in the NBA over 12 seasons. The sharpshooter hopes to retire in The City of Brotherly Love, and his contributions last year should make it a no-brainer for Philly to keep him. He connected on two-plus 3-pointers in 55 of his 70 outings in 2017-18, and his presence alone opens up the floor for Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons.

8. SF/PF Aaron Gordon, 22 - RFA

17.6 7.9 2.3 32.9

Gordon's athleticism and aerial acrobatics would have only taken him so far. He became a more well-rounded contributor this season with Orlando, embracing an expanded role while boosting his numbers with career highs across the board. But has he done enough to command superstar-level money, and convince a team to go all-in? He's only 22 years old, and still has a lot of upside.

7. C DeAndre Jordan, 29 - PO ($24 million)

12.0 15.2 1.5 31.5

Jordan is the last player standing from the Lob City era of Clippers basketball, and will make a cool $24.1 million with his player option should he choose to exercise it. He's one of the game's top rebounders and shot blockers, though his offense hasn't really improved or moved out of the paint. The Clippers know what they have in Jordan, and could do much, much worse at the five spot.

6. C Clint Capela, 24 - RFA

13.9 10.8 0.8 27.5

The league leader in field-goal percentage (65.2) benefitted from having two elite passers in Chris Paul and James Harden feeding him the rock. Capela knew how to highlight his athleticism on both ends, thriving as a pick-and-roll man and a rim protector, and an absolute beast on the offensive glass. Houston doesn't hit 65 wins without the Swiss big man.

5. PF/C DeMarcus Cousins, 27 - UFA

25.2 12.9 5.4 36.2

Behavioral issues are mostly behind Cousins, but now he faces questions about his health. The history of big men coming off Achilles injuries is not pretty, yet Cousins rightfully wants a max deal for his ample talents. Teammate Anthony Davis told Marc Stein of the New York Times he's confident Cousins will stay with the Pelicans. However, New Orleans is playing a dangerous game by trying to entice him with a three-year deal.

4. PG Chris Paul, 33 - UFA

18.6 5.4 7.9 31.8

On one hand, Paul had the Warriors on the brink of elimination before getting injured, and the Rockets need him if they hope to recruit LeBron in free agency. On the other hand, giving Paul a five-year maximum deal and paying him $30-plus million when he's in his late 30s could cripple the cap sheet. If the Rockets are truly all-in with this roster, they'll need to commit to Paul.

3. SF Paul George, 28 - UFA

21.9 5.7 3.3 36.6

George swears he's happy in Oklahoma. However, he said the same thing about Indiana before threating to sign in his hometown of Los Angeles. His lone campaign with the Thunder was mostly miserable, as George dealt with a curious shooting slump while the team fell way short of expectations. But he looked natural as a sidekick to Russell Westbrook, and that security (plus a larger offer) could lead to him re-signing.

2. SF/PF Kevin Durant, 29 - PO ($26 million)

26.4 6.8 5.4 34.2

There's no intrigue with Durant's free agency since the now two-time champion has already announced he'll be back with the Warriors. The only question will be how the Warriors convince Durant and their other stars to sacrifice salary to keep the team together. Durant took a $9-million pay cut last season, and given the business connections that have opened up for him since moving to the Bay Area, he could probably afford to something similar again.

1. SF/PF LeBron James, 33 - PO ($35 million)

27.5 8.6 9.2 36.9

Nobody knows where James will go this summer. He'll likely choose between the Lakers, Rockets, 76ers, and staying with the Cavaliers. If he wants to cement his local reputation, he'll stick around in Cleveland. If he wants to join the team with the most talent, he'll go to the Rockets. If he wants to continue dominating the Eastern Conference and also get a better supporting cast, Philadelphia is a good option. And if he wants to plot his next move outside the world of basketball while also potentially recruiting George and Kawhi Leonard for a new superteam, the Lakers will be his choice.

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Top NBA free agents (10-1): Will LeBron and CP3 team up?
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