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Knicks' Lee credits early success to scrapping triangle offense

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It was easy to write off the New York Knicks before the season started, but with the implementation of a new offense, the team is playing within their limitations, and it's working.

Veteran shooting guard Courtney Lee is in his second year with the Knicks, and he can pinpoint the reason why the offense is running so smoothly in the early goings.

"I'm going to say it point blank and clear: we're not running the triangle," Lee said, according to Peter Botte of New York Daily News. "We're running a different offense that's more fast-paced and it's more suitable for my style of play."

Former Knicks President Jackson had head coach Jeff Hornacek blend in elements of the triangle into the team's offense. Jackson found success in the past - coaching the Chicago Bulls and Los Angeles Lakers to a combined 11 championships - but couldn't see it effectively implemented in New York.

Lee understands that simplicity is essential, especially with the team's current construction. Now, with the freedom to do as he pleases, Hornacek eliminated any complicated elements of last season and the roster is flourishing, with several players improving statistically - including Lee.

2016-17 10.8 45.6 40.1 3.4 2.3 105.8
2017-18 12.6 48.0 46.7 3.8 3.0 107.2

With a relatively young core and players trying to build chemistry, Lee believes it's better to get clean looks quickly rather than waiting and forcing shots.

"I didn't say I wasn't a fan of the triangle. The triangle is just - my game suits the triangle also, but you slow it down a little bit," Lee said. "You make passes, you get it to the pinch-post, and then you play off that, but the offense now is to just get up and down. First open look, take it and just try to make the right play."

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