J.R. Smith: Televising All-Star team picks will create 'unnecessary drama'

The recent changes to the NBA All-Star Game's format involving the two top vote-getters from the East and West being captains who select the rosters playground style have J.R. Smith's blessing for the most part.

The only issue the Cleveland Cavaliers guard has, though, is how the league will go about revealing which players make which team and in what order, because such information could end up doing a lot of damage.

"That's a hard situation to put guys in. I don't think they're going to release who got picked first. You can't do that," Smith said Friday. "(Being picked last) That's not the best feeling to have if you're an All-Star guy. I don't think they really thought that thing through all the way."

Smith would prefer if the two teams were picked in confidence, and not aired for the world to watch live.

"No, they should not put it on TV. They should not do that. It creates unwanted drama, and unnecessary drama," Smith added. "It's a great format. I like the way they did it, but at the same time ... say Anthony Davis gets picked last on whichever team. How do you think he feels about that? As an All-Star, you made the All-Star (team), you're pretty much taking the joy from it away, and now you're making it a problem between me and such and such person because you picked me last. If I was doing it, I wouldn't put it on TV."

Smith has not once been named an All-Star during his 13 years in the league. He finished 11th in fan voting for the East backcourt last season, which comprised 50 percent of the total vote, and 30th in player voting, which comprised another 25 percent.

The 2018 All-Star Game goes down on Feb. 18 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

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