Did an early release of NBA 2K leak unannounced alternate jerseys?


For the NBA's sartorial crowd, Christmas came early, thanks to some hoop junkies Down Under.

With some Australian NBA fans receiving early-release copies of the upcoming NBA 2K18 video game, images purporting to show yet-to-be-unannounced alternate jersey designs have leaked well ahead of the game's official debut, according to sports design watchdogs SportsLogos.net via Twitter user @JMoneyMikita.

While all 30 teams have released its core "Icon" and "Association" uniforms, each club still has at least two jersey sets to come - one inspired by the community, and another inspired by the "Athlete's Mindset." The latter seems to have been re-branded as the "Statement" jersey, versions of which are now popping up on social media.

While some of these new alternates offer a clean update of an iconic look (like the Knicks' jersey), others, like the Minnesota Timberwolves' design - possibly inspired by those neon vests parking lot attendants wear - could be charitably described as an act of defiant counterculture.