Baby genius: Isaiah's son kept asking for Cavs trade before it happened
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When the Cleveland Cavaliers traded Kyrie Irving to the Boston Celtics for a package centered around Isaiah Thomas, most people were shocked - including Thomas.

However, there's at least one (tiny) person who called it: Thomas' son James.

"Our oldest son all summer long, with seeing transactions like trades and free-agent signings, he was on me like everyday like 'Why can't you get traded to the Cavs?'" Thomas told the Cavaliers' website.

"And it's crazy like, and my wife knows that. We were like, 'Why do you want to go on the Cavs so bad?' He just loves LeBron James and he loves the Cavs and that's what makes it so much better in the end. And he thinks he's a genius now."

Here's a video from last season when James greeted both of Thomas' sons pregame:

The 5-foot-9 point guard also recounted in The Players' Tribune the conversation he had with his boys when he informed them of the swap:

The boys had been staying at my mom's while Kayla and I were away, and so as soon as we got home from the airport, we FaceTimed them. I knew the news was bound to leak sooner or later, and I wanted to make sure that they heard it from me. And so I told them what had happened: Dad got traded.

James, my oldest - I guess he really is his father's son, because he asked the same first question I did. 'To where?'

'Cleveland. They traded me for Kyrie.' And I'm pretty sure you know what came next.

'LEBRON! LEBRON JAMES! Dad - Dad. You get to play with LeBron James!'


Baby genius: Isaiah's son kept asking for Cavs trade before it happened
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