Watch: LaVar Ball accepts Ice Cube's BIG3 4-point challenge

LaVar Ball/Twitter

Time to put your money where your mouth is, Big Baller.

BIG3 creator Ice Cube recently reminded LaVar Ball of the challenge he issued in May to nail one of his league's signature 4-point shots, adding he'd purchase 10 pairs of his son Lonzo's $495 signature shoes if he did.

The Staples Center in Los Angeles will be hosting the BIG3 on Sunday, and Ball will be in attendance to show off his shooting range to the viewing public.

"(Ice) Cube, I ain't forgot about you, man. I've just been so busy lately. You know I gotta make business like you, too," said Ball on Friday. "But I will be there for the 4-point challenge, man. Me and my crew gonna show you what we do. 'Cuz I ain't scared of you, man. You know I hit them shots with my eyes closed."