Wizards unveil 2017-18 jerseys


The Washington Wizards unveiled the first two new 2017-18 jerseys Thursday, making a slight change to their classic red, white, and blue look.

With Nike taking over as the NBA's official jersey supplier for the upcoming season, each team is getting at least four new jerseys, though the redesigns for some teams have been less pronounced than others.

The Wizards have largely stuck with the color scheme from their 2011 overhaul, which replaced the dark blue-and-gold uniforms made famous by Gilbert Arenas in the mid-2000s.

In the fall, two more jerseys will be added to each team's uniform rotation, one inspired by the community and another by the athlete's mindset. While the Icon and Association jerseys will likely function as the team's home and away jerseys, the next two are more likely to add new design flourishes that may pay homage to some of the Wizards' previous looks.

The league enacted a slight rule change to allow a bit more sartorial flair on the hardcourt this season. Instead of previous home, away, and alternate jersey designations, the home team will decide which jersey they would like to wear, and it will be the visiting team's responsibility to contrast appropriately.

Wizards unveil 2017-18 jerseys
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